You Want to Look Good in Your Photos

I get it. I want to look good in my photos, too.

I got you.

I’m here to photograph the best of you by eliciting the best FROM you. That's why I'll get to know you and guide you through the entire process and I promise we'll laugh together along the way.

Through years of photographing adults, kids and babies, I’ve learned that my favorite portraits are a result of beautiful light, relaxed subjects, genuine connection and my observant eye.

This is my magic recipe for creating photos you'll love.

Jill Neil out of focus in the background smiling at the back of her Nikon camera which she is holding and in focus

I'll tell you what to do.

Most people aren’t naturals in front of the camera. I get that. I’m not either. Especially when it’s a photo of just ME, without my spouse or kids or dog to interact with. This is why I will direct you and tell you what to do - where to stand, how to stand, what to do with your hands, when to look at the camera, when to move, how to move, when to laugh out loud with me and when to just take a deep breath to reset.

And sometimes I won't.

I also like to watch what you do naturally without giving you specific direction. I like to see your mannerisms, your natural movements that you don’t even think about. These often happen the second I put my camera down, and you’ll likely hear me shout, “Wait! Do that again! The way you just casually [fill in the blank.] It looked so natural!”

This is why you'll love your photos.

Because they will look and feel like the best version of YOU.

dad holding baby son in his arms near an apple tree while mom kisses son's foot making him laugh

Jill Neil sitting on wood floor of photography studio smiling and holding hands with her teen son and her tween daughter

A bit about me...

  • I’m a mama to a teen son, a tween daughter + a rescue pup
  • I’m married to my Valley High School sweetheart
  • Los Angeles was our home for 20 amazing years 
  • We’ve been back in Des Moines since late 2020 
  • My photography business is my full time job  
  • I have a background in marketing + a passion for SEO
  • I'm a DSM Hummingbird + I love supporting small businesses
  • My weekends are reserved for my family, friends + adventures

Photo of Me + my kiddos
captured by my husband, 2023