Meet Janes (My Favorite Baby Shop in Des Moines)

I'm not going to lie. Dressing my babies was one of my favorites parts of early motherhood. I loved curating their closets and nursery with items that were organic, comfy, simple and modern. This is why I instantly fell in love with Janes when I moved to Des Moines. Even though my tweens have outgrown the clothing at this East Village baby and children's boutique, it is an absolute go-to for baby gifts and the first place I recommend to clients for their photo sessions with babies and toddlers. So when I created my new 30 minute Brand Photography Mini Session, I knew I wanted to test it out at Janes.

Sarah Hanson owner of Janes baby boutique brand in Des Moines
Des Moines shop owner packaging an order at Janes during a brand photography session

"It was just right! Perfect for a busy gal like myself."

Sarah Hanson, Janes
Janes Des Moines owner smiling at the camera with her mother during a brand photography session
Sarah Hanson with her arms lovingly full of stuffed animals at her shop Janes Des Moines

Why a Brand Photography Mini Session Was Perfect for Janes

Like so many small businesses, Janes is run by a very lean team of Sarah Hanson and her mom, Jennifer. They do it ALL. And when the shop is only closed one day a week, they need that day to rest. I created my 30 minute Brand Photography Mini Sessions for busy small business owners like Sarah. Her business has a physical location, so no location scouting or studio booking was required. And since her shop is always tidy and clean before it opens each day, it is naturally photo-ready. All Sarah and Jennifer had to do was arrive a little early one morning and we knocked out a variety of photos before the shop opened.

"It was just right! Perfect for a busy gal like myself. I can't stress enough how lovely it was to come in a half hour early, get the shoot done and get on with the day! I tend to put things like this off because it sounds very time consuming. This was absolutely perfect!" - Sarah

"I can't stress enough how lovely it was to come in a half hour early, get the shoot done and get on with the day!"

Sarah Hanson, Janes

Why Janes Needed Brand Photography

Owner Sarah Hanson updates Janes' website and social media with new products daily from clothing and blankets to toys and books. She never has a shortage of amazing products to share, especially because new products and styles drop every season. What she was lacking, however, was photos of herself and her mom, and their joy that lives in the shop. Sarah told me, "I would love for [people] to see how much my mom and I enjoy being in the space, being together and I want everyone that sees the photos to feel welcome in this space."

I had also asked Sarah what type of content her social media followers respond to best and she said, "Anything that shares my personality gets the best response. They of course love the children's clothes and products, but they also love learning about who runs the store. I find myself enjoying the same things from brands I follow."

Janes owner Sarah Hanson posing with her mom during a brand photography session in her Des Moines shop

Sarah Jane and Jennifer Jane

Janes gets its name from owner Sarah and her mom Jennifer who share the middle name "Jane." They work together to run the shop and all of the things that owning a small business entails. They were the stars of this brand photography shoot. The products they sell continually release new colors, styles and features, and they often add new brands to the shop. The one thing that doesn't change is Sarah and Jennifer's dedication and love for Janes. You can feel it when you're in the shop. They truly care about creating a wonderful experience for their customers.

Brand photography shoot for Janes owner Sarah Hanson in her Des Moines shop

Styling Janes' Mini Session

During the planning stages of their photoshoot, I sent Sarah my Brand Photography Client Guide to help her prepare for what to expect and what to wear during her mini session. Sarah said, "It was very helpful and helped me get an idea of what my shoot could look like/what to wear/what not to wear!" I love that Sarah and Jennifer chose to wear colors that complemented the array of earth tones and pastels they carry in their shop. Knowing the backdrop of their shop was full of colors and patterns, the coordinating outfits that Sarah and Jennifer wore helped unify them as a daughter and mother team. I love that each stayed true to their own style while also looking cohesive in their olive greens and jeans. I also LOVE that Sarah brought along her favorite sweatshirt that customers often find her wearing in the shop. It was a quick way to capture some additional variety, as well as keeping it real.

Janes small business owner Sarah Hanson working in her Des Moines baby boutique

A Mini Session With Mighty Photos

I am thrilled with the way Janes brand photos turned out. It was very easy to capture Sarah and Jennifer's joy because it was so genuine. They were in their happy place. This is a business they are passionate about and a place filled with their love for each other and for every customer they have the opportunity to help, which is exactly what Sarah wanted me to capture during this Brand Photography Mini Session.

Besides intentionally placing them in the best light and directing them where to stand and when to look at me, I simply documented them doing the things they do every day - packing orders, straightening hangers, checking email. I was able to capture them in their element while they were actually getting some real work done.

One of the biggest compliments I got from Sarah afterwards was that I made the experience for her so comfortable, light and fun. This is my goal for every session I shoot!

"I enjoyed how comfortable my mom and I felt! I am not someone that loves a camera in my face but you made it feel like a normal day in the shop."

Sarah Hanson, Janes
exterior brand photography shot of Janes baby shop in Des Moines East Village

How to Book a Brand Photography Mini Session

Does a Brand Photography Mini Session sound like the perfect fit for your busy schedule? Message me via my contact page to start planning a session for yourself. Don't have a physical location for your business? No problem. I'm happy to discuss options with you. :)