Photographing an Older Newborn

I get it, mama. Bringing a new baby into the world is overwhelming. And scheduling a newborn photography session probably wasn’t your top priority. Or you didn’t think it would be worth it. Or you couldn’t imagine being photographed during the most exhausting time of your life with a postpartum body that doesn’t feel anything like you. Regardless of your hesitation, your baby is now here and you desperately want to capture this fleeting stage of life before it’s too late.

mom holding newborn to her chest and smiling in a Des Moines photography studio
mom holding hand of her newborn and smiling during studio photography session in Des Moines

Good news - it's not too late! Especially for lifestyle newborn photography. This natural, candid approach works for any age as it focuses on capturing a baby's connection with his/her family and surroundings as well as the small details you don’t want to forget. This is my favorite style of photography because it has the power to really take you back to that moment in time, recalling those small moments and details you want to remember forever.

older newborn sitting on mom's lap looking at camera with open eyes
older newborn sitting on mom's lap and yawning

Lifestyle Newborn Photography at Whistler Studio in Des Moines

I often photograph Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in the comfort of your own home so I can also capture personal details like your baby’s nursery. Last winter I had the opportunity to document a new mama and her one month old baby girl at Whistler Studio in Des Moines - and I absolutely LOVE the results. This was my first time photographing an older newborn AND my first time photographing a lifestyle newborn session in a studio setting. I joined 3 other photographers for this styled newborn session, hosted and coordinated by Ashley Hinners. Something I love to do during the slower, winter months is to expand my portfolio, try new things and create with others. This older newborn session definitely filled my cup and inspired me to offer a studio option to my newborn photography clients.

mom sitting on photo studio floor holding one month old newborn on her leg and kissing her cheek
mom sitting on floor of photo studio looking at her newborn in her arms with pacifier and eyes open
mom standing in Des Moines photo studio with newborn in her arms looking out the tall windows
mom wearing a dress and hat holding her newborn baby and softly smiling towards the window light in a Des Moines studio

While a brand new baby might offer the opportunity to capture those sleepy and curled-up poses, an older newborn provides the chance to document the unique and developing personality of your baby and their relationship with you. Lifestyle newborn photography at this stage is a wonderful way to remember this special and fleeting time.

mom and newborn taking selfies with polaroid camera in Des Moines photo studio
mom sitting on floor of photo studio holding out a polaroid camera taking a selfie with her newborn
polaroid camera on wood floor with selfie photos of mom and newborn spread around it

Older Newborn Photography Benefits

Just as there are benefits of photographing baby’s first week, there are also benefits of photographing older newborns:

  1. Older newborn photography sessions are typically shorter due to baby (and mama) being in a better routine when it comes to sleeping, feeding and calming
  2. Mama is likely more comfortable in her postpartum body and ready to embrace photos that capture her connection with her new baby
  3. Older newborns tend to be more awake and alert, resulting in more expressive photographs as they interact with their family and environment
  4. Older newborns are easier to handle as they have gained some muscle and head control
  5. Babies begin to smile more as they grow, giving us a better chance of capturing one (or close to it!)

Bonus: You've had time to master things like baby wearing, which was a big part of early motherhood for me and I wish I had documented that!

mom standing in Whistler Studio Des Moines snuggling her newborn in baby carrier with eyes closed and smiling
mom leaning against wall at Whistler Studio with her newborn in a baby carrier against her chest and smiling out window

Don’t feel discouraged or like you’ve missed out on documenting your baby’s newborn phase.

It’s never too late to capture memories that will last a lifetime!

mom holding newborn baby in knit romper to her chest and smiling
mom sitting on floor of photo studio breastfeeding her newborn baby
close up photo of older newborn in mom's arms looking at camera with small smile

That Fleeting Newborn Stage

At one month to two months old, babies are still in that precious and fleeting newborn stage. Lifestyle newborn photography captures the unique and authentic moments of your baby's early life, such as their little quirks, tiny fingers and toes, facial expressions and interactions with their family. These details and moments will be cherished for a lifetime and will be a reminder of how small your baby once was.

mom holding older newborn on her lap with camera focused on baby's feet in mom's hands

Des moines newborn photography

close up of one month old during lifestyle newborn photos in studio

Capturing Newborn Memories

Interested in booking a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session for your own baby? I offer newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home as well as studio sessions in downtown Des Moines. Contact me for availability.

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