Capturing Winter Maternity Photos at Home

Oh, Iowa Winter. You’re beautiful with snow, but you sure are cold outside. And when some of life’s biggest milestones can’t wait for warmer months, we simply have to embrace the season we are in. Winter weather is definitely no excuse to skip maternity photos. In fact, the cold temps outside make nesting inside your warm home all that more cozy. So why not have maternity photos in the place that you'll bring Baby home to anyway? After all, once you bring a baby home, it will never be the same place again. (In the most amazing and loving way!)

I love this winter maternity session I photographed last year for first time parents Jenn and Casey, both inside and outside their rural Iowa home - where cozy comfort meets fab on the farm!

pregnant mama relaxing in lounge wear and smiling for maternity photos while her husband massages her shoulders
pregnant mama in a long dress smiling at her husband outdoors in the snow during maternity photos in iowa

Those Last Weeks Before Baby

We captured these photos around Jenn’s 38th week of pregnancy. Documenting Jenn and Casey during their last weeks at home before Baby really took me back to that same time in my life right before “just the two of us” became a “party of three.” I knew that quiet, intentional routines were about to be disrupted completely. I knew that spontaneity and independence wouldn’t ever be quite the same. I knew that a thoughtfully decorated home would soon be strewn with baby gear. I knew that sleep would soon be a luxury of the past.

And I absolutely knew it would be the best thing to ever happen to them.

expecting couple cuddling on couch during indoor maternity photos in iowa
close up of expecting couple holding hand across mom's belly for maternity photos in iowa
expecting couple overlapping their hands on mom's pregnant belly for maternity photo
expecting iowa couple smiling at camera and holding belly during maternity photos

Iowa Winter Maternity Photos - Indoors

Since it was cold outside, we started with the indoor photos first. We had discussed this ahead of time and I had them wear clothes that they would be comfy lounging around the house in. (Can you imagine a better wardrobe for maternity photos?!) To start the session, I told them to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy this quiet time together eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first born. Next, I captured some photos in their bedroom because I loved the light and the pretty blue wall. The nursery was still a work in progress, otherwise I would have captured some photos there as well. (I love baby nurseries!)

pregnant mama sitting on bed holding her belly and softly looking out window
expecting couple sitting on bed holding pregnant belly and smiling
expecting couple sitting on bed embracing mom's belly during maternity photos

Then we moved back to the living room so their sweet fur baby could join for some photos. After all, he's part of the fam - and looking like a proud big brother already! (Could he be any cuter??)

pregnant mom sitting on living room floor laughing with husband and dog during indoor maternity photos in iowa
close up of golden retriever with tongue out during a maternity photo session
pregnant mom looking down at golden retriever while husband smiles at camera during maternity photos in living room
close up of golden retriever dog snuggling against mom's pregnant belly during maternity photos at home

Before heading outside for the second part of her maternity session, Jenn changed into a beautiful long-sleeved wrap dress from Baltic Born. To note, it’s not a maternity dress, but since wrap dresses are adjustable they work really well for pregnant bellies - and then mama has a dress she can wear after her maternity photos as well. Total win-win! (And I highly recommend this brand.)

pregnant mom in long velvet dress looking down at her belly during indoor maternity photos at her iowa home
indoor maternity photo of pregnant mom in long winter dress cradling her belly in her iowa home
mom in winter dress holding her pregnant belly while husband hugs her during maternity photos in their iowa home
expecting couple looking through sliding glass door at their golden retriever dog

Iowa Winter Maternity Photos - Outdoors

The temps outside were just warm enough to capture some photos in the snow without coats or blankets. (Although they were hanging on a fence post nearby for the walk to and from the house!) Since Jenn and Casey live on a farm in rural Iowa, they have a lot of land surrounding their house and it was so pretty covered in snow that we had to get some photos out there. I love the contrast of their rich, dark outfits against the white snow. And that cozy luxuriousness of Jenn’s velvet dress. They looked stunning!

husband kissing pregnant wife on forehead as she holds her belly outside during winter maternity photos in iowa
husband hugging pregnant wife from behind as they smile at the camera during outdoor maternity photos in iowa
winter maternity portrait of pregnant mom wearing a long dress in the snow
expecting couple in the snow on the iowa countryside
maternity photo of expecting couple in an iowa field of snow
expecting couple posing for winter maternity photos in the iowa snow
expecting couple in fancy clothes holding hands and walking across a snow covered field during maternity photos in iowa
pregnant woman in long winter dress looking down at her belly for a maternity photo in the snow
expecting couple posing with golden retriever in a snow-covered field in iowa
golden retriever looking up at mom's pregnant belly during winter maternity photos in the snow

The Beauty of Winter Maternity Photos at Home

I loved capturing cozy photos of them lounging together at home before they changed into something fabulous for photos on the farm outdoors. Regardless of what you choose for your own winter maternity session, I just want you to know that you have options. And simply staying home (especially during an Iowa winter) and letting me come to you, can be a beautiful thing.

"I never realized how much I would love having photos of this time."

A reflection from Jenn, one year later.

close up of expecting couple standing back to back holding hands during winter maternity photos in iowa
pregnant mom wearing long dress and wrapped in blanket smiling after winter maternity photos on her iowa farm
expecting mom wearing long dress and wrapped in blanket walking across snow covered farm during winter in iowa

Ready to start planning your own Winter maternity photos in Iowa? Contact me today to chat about ideas!