Meet Elyse Segebart, Life Coach for Women With ADHD

Elyse Segebart is on a mission to help women with ADHD reclaim their life after struggling with addiction. She found her calling as a life coach after experiencing the transformative power coaching had on herself after struggling with addiction, anxiety and trauma for a decade. She learned how she could design the life she wanted while working with her brain to accomplish her goals and feel good about the results. It inspired her to want to help others so she became a certified Life Coach and now nothing excites her more than helping women like herself achieve something they have always wanted.

creative personal branding photos at Whistler Studio in Des Moines featuring pink wall and large green palm
headshot of Elyse Segebart during personal branding photos at Whistler Studio in Des Moines
creative personal branding photos shot from above in Des Moines studio
life coach Elyse Segebart smiling into the camera during personal branding photos in Des Moines home

Elyse's Professional Photo Needs

Elyse was about four months away from launching her website for her new business when she contacted me about needing professional branding photos. She had already invested a lot of time and money into creating her brand identity and website and now just needed professional photos to tie it all together and reflect the level of professionalism she wanted to portray. After chatting on an introductory phone call, she decided to book my deluxe package so she would have the largest variety and quantity of photos to use for her new website and social media for months to come. We identified a date (and a backup date) and the planning process began.

life coach personal branding photos at Whistler Studio in Des Moines

The Planning Process for Elyse's Personal Branding Photos

She sent me her brand identity kit she had already completed with her web designer and provided thorough answers to the personal branding planning questionnaire I had sent her. Both of these were super helpful to me in planning the perfect photos for her brand. After communicating via email, text and one in-person meeting prior to her photoshoot, we had determined the shoot locations, shot list and everything Elyse needed to bring that day to enhance her photos and highlight her supportive, positive personality.

Photoshoot Location One: In Home

The first of two locations we chose to shoot at in Des Moines was a private residence. Elyse loves her mornings where she spends time drinking hot tea, journaling, reading and planning from the comfort of her bed. As Elyse often works from home she wanted to showcase her daily activities in a home environment. She didn't want to use her own home as a location as it's darker colors don't reflect the lighter and brighter look she wanted to portray for her brand. I was able to find us the perfect location with a light-filled bedroom to show off Elyse's morning activities while also complementing the vibes of her brand.

Elyse writing in journal during personal branding photos in bedroom
plant, mug and candle as accessories for personal branding photos in bedroom

Photoshoot Location Two: In Studio

The second location we used was The Whistler Studio in downtown Des Moines. This provided the opportunity for both traditional and creative headshots as they both serve a purpose on Elyse's website and social media. Our goal was to portray her professionalism while also highlighting her fun, artistic side and capturing how warm and approachable she genuinely is.

Elyse professional headshot during personal branding photos at Whistler Studio in Des Moines
Elyse dancing in disco ball reflection during personal brand photos at Whistler Studio

Elyse's Brand Photoshoot Accessories

Accessories can play a big part in personalizing and enhancing your brand photos. I asked Elyse to bring anything she uses for work daily, including her laptop, phone, headphones, journals, notebooks and pens. I asked her to bring anything that she would have on her desk at home, including plants, books, decor, frames and inspirational quotes. And because drinking hot tea is a part of her morning ritual, she brought along a mug to make an actual cup of tea to drink.

Accessories are also a great way to subtly incorporate your brand colors into your images. Like her wardrobe, each accessory that Elyse brought along either matched or complemented her brand colors, creating an overall cohesive look.

Elyse working on laptop in bed with headphones and notebooks by her side during personal brand photos in Des Moines home

Creating a Cohesive Brand Image With a Library of Personal Branding Photos

I had wonderful time photographing Elyse as she was very collaborative and easy to work with throughout the entire personal branding photography process. It brings me so much joy to see the photos I created being used throughout her website and social media. It really does make a difference in creating a cohesive brand image for yourself or your business. If you would like to view Elyse's website to see how it all came together, or if you would like to learn more about her coaching program, visit

To inquire about booking your own Personal Branding Photography session, contact me today. I would love to create photos to support your business!