Meet Jess of Jess Desserts

Jessica Anderson is the owner and solopreneur of Jess Desserts, a local Des Moines dessert shop specializing in macarons and custom desserts. She recently had her first baby and splits her time working between home and a rented commercial kitchen. Jess loves combining her food science knowledge with her passion for baking delicious (and cute) desserts. In addition to fulfilling custom orders for weddings, showers and parties, Jess sells a selection of her best-selling desserts at the Des Moines Downtown Farmers' Market.

Jess wearing an apron, holding a platter of pastel macarons and smiling at the camera during her studio headshots
Jess smiling at the camera while holding her newborn baby in one arm and a pop tart hand pie in her other hand.

Jess was wanting personal branding headshots to highlight herself as the face behind her brand and the heart she puts into her business. She wanted her photos to evoke happiness, enjoyment and comfort, while showing her face and some of her bestselling desserts. With some pre-session planning and communication, we were able to execute all of this during a 30 minute headshot session.

Jess Anderson holding a hand pie in each hand while laughing into the camera during studio headshots for Jess Desserts
Headshot of Jess Anderson smiling at the camera against a white studio backdrop
A tray of a dozen multi-colored pastel macarons made by Jess Desserts
Lifestyle headshot of Jess holding her baby and ready to bite into a frosted hand pie with sprinkles
Jess holding a tray of her colorful, frosted hand pies in a white studio

Why Choosing a Photo Studio Worked Best for Jess

Jess doesn't have a physical storefront, and neither her home kitchen nor commercial kitchen were ideal for a photo shoot, so it was worth the additional cost of renting a private studio to create the photos Jess wanted. We used one of my go-to Des Moines photography studios where we could execute and capture her simple, clean and light-hearted brand style.

"It felt really easy and comfortable! Like we were really working together to create something for my brand."

Jess Anderson, Jess Desserts

Headshot of Jess Desserts wearing an apron and holding a platter of pastel macarons in a white photography studio

Styling Jess for Headshots

Knowing we would be limited on time, I worked with Jess to identify 2-3 outfits for her 30 minute headshot session. I sent her my Brand Photography Client Guide full of tips of how to prepare and what to wear. I gave her suggestions on colors and accessories based on the answers she provided in her brand questionnaire and I provided feedback on outfits she texted me from home. So by the time we met, outfits were set (along with some backups) and we were ready to go. Plus, Jess brought along the most beautiful apron that was easy to layer on as another outfit option!

Lifestyle headshot of Jess with hand on her hip smiling at camera in a white studio
Relaxed headshot of Jess smiling at camera with hands in pockets in a white studio
Detail photo of colorful, pastel macarons on a platter held by Jess Desserts

Choosing Props for Jess' Headshots

Again, since we only had 30 minutes, I knew we couldn't incorporate a table elaborately styled with all of Jess' incredible dessert displays. (That set up alone would take 30 minutes.) Instead, we were focusing primarily on creating lifestyle headshots for Jess during this Mini Branding Session so she brought along her two signature desserts - macarons and "pop tart" hand pies.

And since her newborn tagged along, of course we had to incorporate him! After all, he was a new part of her life, a new part of her story. Jess Desserts was not only a female-owned business, it was a mom-owned business now as well.

Fun lifestyle headshot of Jess Desserts smiling and holding her newborn and a hand pie
Jess holding her baby in one arm and a platter of macarons in the other during headshots for Jess Desserts
Jess biting into a hand pie while holding her baby in a white studio

Where to Find Jess Desserts

I can't help but fall in love with all of my clients, but Jess is now at the top of my list. Not only was she a joy to work with, but she sent me home with an armful of macarons and homemade "pop tarts" from her session, AND I got to snuggle her precious 2 month old son!!! (Babies, brands and bakeries will always have my heart!)

Find Jess Desserts on Instagram, her website and at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market.

Jess Desserts holding a platter of cellophane wrapped hand pies that she sells at Des Moines Farmers' Market

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